Man, nothing saps my motivation to write like smart people I agree with writing about the same topic. - John Siracusa

About Me

My name is Jesse. I’m a software and process engineer with many interests and hobbies, some of which border on fixations. I like to read and write. I play a few instruments and sing. I’m a ham radio operator and photographer. I listen to all kinds of music. I bake. I attend a church and enjoy talking about spiritual things.

What’s this site?

This is a personal website where I keep different groups of opinions as separated as possible. For awhile now I’ve used separate accounts online for my individual interests. Because those who value my thoughts on Python couldn’t care less what I think about politics. Same goes for Canon cameras and Determinism. I’m an opinionated person who tries to post narrowly useful things on the internet for points. I’d rather not scare away my few readers with the wrong opinion at the wrong time.

What’s the format?

My website exists in the present-tense of 2018. So its permalinks all take the present tense too. Want to know what I’m learning about? You can visit What I’m reading: has you covered.

My current pages:

Planned pages:

Note: This list isn’t exhaustive 😉

In a perfect world there would be a .was top-level domain. Then I could make arrangements upon my death to move everything on this site into the past tense.

What’s your stack?

This site is built with Jekyll and HTML5 Boilerplate. I write with Sublime Text and host it on GitHub + Netlify. My desktop is a 2018 Mac Mini with the Magic Keyboard and Mouse. I’m usually wearing Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro headphones as I write.

My social profiles are here:

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